Win 500usd worth of LSK!



Post number #3 by the name of ulTimas! Congratulations with your price.

To promote our new site we give away $500 worth of Lisk! All you have to do is reply to this message and leave your wallet address. We will select a random winner on the 11th of February. Enjoy this new community forum!

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I’m into winning some LISK! :slight_smile: 17035055612822592600L


Show me the LISK!! :stuck_out_tongue: 8966287043382400029L


I would be staking these 21 lisk like a mad man



Don’t care if I win or not, just here to support an excellent product :+1:t2:


Just watched the video showing how you do the draw! Love it.


I want some LISK… PLEASE… 9130495563727746508L


Mooie actie weer, ik doe mee :grinning: 7875845012797148594L


I’m in for this lottery :slightly_smiling_face:

9497003830853839953L Germany

Keep it up and hey Liskers, spread Lisk to the world, especially China/Japan.


Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats



Its worth to try :wink: 774691034L


Count me in! If I win, I’ll personally visit the cats to give them a cuddle.


This is a cool promotion!


Kind regards.



Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Replied, 963587148564843429L


I love this! :heart_eyes:
Address 8966741130366734759L


Yes pls


Thanks in advance!


Yeah i’m totally in the Lisky Business!
500USD is always welcome!

Great giveaway!

My code:



C’est une très bonne idée ! :souriant: 17820762814318669246L


Thanks, count me in! 8130911252952238618L