Win 1000usd in Lisk - PHOTO challenge


Thanks to the sponsorship of the delegate pool GDT we are able to do another community challenge and give away the following prices:

1st place winner : 1000 USD/LSK
2nd place winner : 500 USD/LSK
3rd place winner : 100 USD/LSK

Find a nice scenery and take a picture with the logo in it. Write below the image what country/area you have taken the image and what you are showing. Please do not forget to add a wallet address so we know where to send the LSK if you are a winner.

You can drag and drop your image in a reply post below. Only 1 person can win 1 of the 3 prizes.

[UPDATE in rules]
The team will independently vote and we will add these up to decide the winner.
Please look here for some more information:


This is the ‘Dom tower’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Wallet: 5471811853702363574L

Good luck to all. Play fair and keep it fun!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Hi guys, what an amazing challenge this was! We have received so many beautiful pictures from over a dozen countries around the world. It was really difficult just to select only 3 as a winner. The team took individual votes and after counting we came to the following result…

1st place winner : kicek5555

2nd place winner : gibuhiro

3rd place winner : jakevslu

Thank you all for participating in this PHOTO challange. We hope to see you all back soon!

Thank you GDT pool for sponsering this challenge!

Win 1000usd in Lisk - PHOTO challenge - Opinion on selecting the winner

Harbour in Hamburg with the icy Elbe, Germany


Hi adiafe687, I really like your image but to be fair to the other contestants your logo is not originally in the picture itself. This does not count as everybody can then find nice pictures on the internet and photoshop our logo on it.


Oh ok, no problem

Image removed :slight_smile:


Castle in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
Address: 11136125369193553173L


one like for Czech :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


How many pics per user? Im living in between 3 diff countries :slight_smile:


Votes here counting? or will be pool like in case of art challenge?


Beautiful morning glow - Matsloot Drenthe, The Netherlands
Wallet: 11247512216035656039L


You can make as many pictures as you like. Its not 1 per country of 1 per user. The best image will win.
Only 1 person can win 1 price.


This one seems to be photoshoped :slight_smile:


This one is definitely not photoshopped! I made this picture this morning on my way to Work.
GPS Coordinates: 53.185693, 6.465837


This one for me looks ok. Focus is just direct on landscape :slight_smile:


Lendava vineyards - Lendava, Slovenia
Wallet: 3793360288344668657L

But unfortunately it’s not autumn would be much better pictures.


Something for me! another reason to leave the house :joy:


New Gasthuisberg Hospital Construction Site - Leuven, Belgium

Lisked my phone from falling down 8 floors but survived luckily. :smile:
It’s the view from outside of my workspace.


Good luck everyone :+1:



Near Dornes, Poimbera, Portugal
Wallet: 9809631619030465599L


The Great Buddha of Nihon-ji, a temple in Japan


And the top of Nokogiriyama aka ‘Saw-tooth’ Mountain, Chiba, Japan

Good luck, everyone!