Win 1000usd in Lisk - PHOTO challenge - Opinion on selecting the winner


Hi Guys,

I like to ask your opinion on how we can best decide who is going to be the winner of the Win 1000usd in Lisk - PHOTO challenge
We have 2 options:

  1. We will ask the community to vote in a poll. The issue is that some have a lot of friends/resources to ask around to vote for them without judging the actual quality of the art work. There is nothing we can do to prevent this, but as it is an option everybody can explore you might consider it legal and fine.

  2. We will select a random winner from the pool of contenders. It is not about the most beautiful scenery but about participating and taking the time to do the work in any way.

    1. Community should vote
    1. Select a random winner

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I think that the quality of photography and the beauty of the scene should be taken into account. We have a lottery for random winnings. Here we should appreciate the effort to make a good shot. :slight_smile:


I agree with you, but the problem is there is probably not a way of knowing the voting has been done fairly like I have written above. If somebody has a solution here, please let me know!


Maybe find some authorities between photographers + community? Get some jury.


I think there is no good solution for this problem. Pool properly secured should be enough…


I’m a total crypto noob but I think, based on the competitions I was judging on another forum (photography), the best choice is if an administrator chooses the winning message. Or the admin team. Or sponsors of the prize.

Admin or admin panel chooses the best photo or the sponsor chooses the photo that he likes best. That’s it.

We had cheating on that photo forum too. Most people like to play fun and fair but one cheater will destroy all. The worst part is that when the cheater comes in, other people will also cheat in the end. They played normally and fair and never wanted to cheat or even thought of cheating, but then the see paid voting (like on the photo forum I was on) or the 100 fake votes from that one guy (like what happened on this forum) and they will think, if he cheats to win, why not me too?

We had verification of users in the end. It was for everyone’s safety (models and photographers were meeting in real life) but it’s the only way to make sure. Document verification, like on crypto exchanges. Phone verification is a way too, but can also be faked/cheated.

But in this case, I think the admin should choose the winner. Joo5ty or all admins. Maybe selected real users who would have to be verified but then they could not enter their art in the competition . . . but unfortunately that also means possible cheating, because then they could vote for a friend and so on.

One admin vote or the prize sponsor’s choice is the best option to choose the winner, I think.


Oh and I can tell you what will happen if the winner is randomly selected. It’s not fair because bad art that took a minute to make is treated the same as good art that took a day to make. But if that’s not important then here’s what will happen:

People will work hard on good photos, take 3 nice photos and post them. Maybe they’ll post 1 or maybe 10. But they’ll work for days and post good real photos that should win.

And then on the last day of the competition “rafal” will come and post 300 crap photos of his window that he made in 30 minutes. Or maybe he’ll make 300 accounts that will post 300 bad “different” photos of empty sky. Maybe it’ll take him a day to make, not 30 minutes.

But anyway he will have 100x greater chance to win the prize than the authors of the good photos if there is a random selection of the winner.

I think the admin should choose the winner.

If not then the admin should choose maybe 3 best photos of all the photos posted, then let users decide which one of the 3 should be the winner. But that makes cheating possible too. What if one of the 3 authors starts a mass vote then?

I still think admin’s vote or sponsor’s vote is the best choice.


I have nothing to add. I agree with the @MBison :slight_smile:

The biggest problem here are photos which they do not deserve to take the participation in the lottery or public poll. Photos that everybody see that they took 5 minutes of work, where someone else tried and he spent a few hours on it hours or even days. In addition, 100 votes that got “rafal” within 3-5 hours from accounts with random names confirms that this is a problem.

there is an indirect solution. admin can choose ~10 best photos and then use random algorithm.

another option is a different type of competitions. For example, find on site or something like that. That was realy cool.


hi Mate, ty for your suggestion. I am willing to let the Lisk support team make the choice on the winners if all the participants agree we do it this way. I must ask everybodies trust that we will do so objectively without any member preference.


Perhaps you can point someone or a small judge (3persons) that dont participate in the contest and are neutral. They select a short list and after that, the community decides who walks away with the head price.


please count my vote as an second option. I realized that I badly marked


I would support a community vote to narrow the pool for an admin vote. Or an admin vote alltogether. Art is about all I can contribute to crypto. Look forward to producing some more.


Hi Guys,

We have decided in the end its best to let the team give their individual votes and add these to decide the winner. We hope you all trust our objective judgement and agree out of all the options this is the best choice.

Have a look at some more info on this here:

, team