What kind of features would you like to see in the Lisk wallet?


Reply your suggestions below.

You can exclude the following ideas since HQ is already working on this:


Personally I like to see an option to do multiple payments in batches and only authorize the payment once with my second passphrase. Its really anoying doing a copy and paste for every transaction and it makes the process slow.


I’d like to see the lisk pending payout integrated in the new wallet


multiple payments will be great


Social payment requests so I can send my friends a request to send me Lisk from within the wallet! (would be for the mobile app)


hey, i would like to receive a notification if a whether i receive a transaction or sent a transaction. I did find a GitHub in regards to the topic, but i’m not sure how to set it up https://github.com/LiskHQ/lisk-nano/issues/610

It would be great if the wallet would offer an transaction alert in itself.


Here are some features that will be really exciting :

  • ability to process multiple payments in one batch (bank inspiration) :bank:
  • direct access to several Exchange using your own API to sell and buy LSK :money_with_wings:
  • paper wallet generation, so I can send gift to my family :wink:
  • payment requests


An integrated solution would be great. For now you could you either Carbonara his tool ( https://lisk.notifychain.com/ ) or Vekexasia his telegram bot ( https://forum.lisk.io/viewtopic.php?t=1545 )