What is happening to Lisk - Lisk on GitHub - Programmer explains


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1:23 Look at a projects Github
2:12 Lisks unique approach
3:07 Performance Javascript vs C++ vs Java
4:20 Interesting to follow Lisk
4:55 Lisk repositories
6:27 Lisk people on Github
10:25 Lisk development looks professional!
12:02 Discussing the main Lisk repositories
12:42 Documentation on Lisk-Js
15:32 Lisk uses electron for multiple platform support
21:27 The Lisk Core command line interface, Lisky
25:44 Neo-vs-Ethereum-vs-Lisk*

*Note that one of the most misconception is that Lisk is compared versus Ethereum.
Lisk is an application platform. Ethereum is a smartcontract platform. They work together: