Search & win up to 50 LSK!



That was INSANELY fast guys !! Within 5 minuts the first key was found and the last key in 25 minuts!
Good job!! I will post the answers soon for everybody to see the results. is again giving away LSK to people who are willing to do some searching!

We will hide the following 5 separate private wallet keys
((=passphrases, like this example: photo assist boy ugly brown clarify monkey nation civil usual unrest ))
on and/or

If you are willing to search and look at not-so-obvious-places everybody should be able to find these keys.
Some will be more easy to find then others :slight_smile:

We will hide the keys on friday 9th at 20:00 CET
Good luck to all detectives!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

As a bonus we will give away an extra 5 LSK to people who will sign a message from their personal wallet after receiving their LSK that was found above. The signed message should read “Look I found the secret key !!” and must be send to all of the below:

  1. Post the signed message as a reply below this message
  2. Post it in the channel
  3. Post it on Lisk Reddit
  4. Post it on LiskHQ telegram

How to sign a message from your Lisk Nano wallet:

Friday February 16th - Win 500 dollar in Lisk challenge at 20:00 CET

Can you explain how to connect to a wallet with a private key i only see passphrase on lisk nano?


you must click a custom node


can someone explain how to look for it?


that’s the fun of it. no idea where to look


20:00 CET is 3AM IST :sleeping:


Still nobody figured it out :cry:


Private key = Passphrase


No worry it will take some time for people to find :slight_smile:


For example it could be written in plain text on a random knowledge base page or it can be hidden in an image file name. Some will be easy, others will be difficult.


changes will be made up to 20? at 20 or between 20 and 20:30?
ps. great news! :wink:


So I should wait till 20:00 CET to start the treasure hunt or is it live now?


They are not on our site until today 20:00 CET


Hope the servers are ready for the traffic spike :slight_smile:


@joo5ty , will you hide these passphrases only on these two pages (https://lisk.support90 and/or or on subpages too (e.g. in the forum threads)?


@doodler I think without subpages it will be to easy


Love this puzzle, luckily i am a detective " fingers crossed "


hello sir hunt ready to go?


So, is the hunt on? It’s 8PM :wink:


Ready to go! One already found!!