Samuray - 50% shared with my voters/Early Adopter and Supporter of Lisk


Hello Everyone!

about me:
I’m 35 years old and I’m a blockchain enthusiast from Romania. My first contact with crypto was in 2014 when I built my first mining rig (4x GTX 750i). I was active in several projects back then including Xcurrency,Blocknet and NXT.
I learn about Lisk from Bitcointalk and from other projects chats I was in at that time and I participated in Lisk crowdsale with a big portion of my crypto assets. Further I took part in all stages of testnet and I am forging since the start of mainnet.
Currently I am an independent deleagte and I perssonally think independent delegates bring a plus in decentralization and not only to any project out there.

Server specs.

Mainnet forging server

Location Germany
4 CPU cores
Memory 8G ram
3000GM bandwith
10 Gbps
DDoS Protection

Back-up mainnet

Location UK
4 CPU cores
Memory 8G ram
2000GB bandwith
DDoS protection

Testnet server

Location UK
4 CPU cores
Memory 8G ram
2000GB bandwith
DDoS protection

Current contribution and planned contribution to Lisk ecosystem

I created and managed a Lisk Facebook page( to raise awareness in Romania and not only.
I have been allways up to date with new releases and updated my nodes mainnet and testnet in a timely manner. I am maintaining a testnet node up to support testing and development of Lisk platform.
I helped funding community projects like Fixcrypt’s Lisk desktop wallet and other awareness initiatives all over the world and I also helped where I could new community members.

Distribution of forging funds

  • 50% Shared with my voters/payments every 7 days
  • 5% Future Sidechains Projects and Marketing - this funds will go to support different sidechain projects as I see fit and help Lisk awareness initiatives all over the world.
  • 5% Expenses for securing my Nodes
  • 5% Personal Expenses/Profit
    -35% Long time HODL and tax costs
    This percentages are subject to changes according to future Lisk prices and not only.


As until now I donated more than 8000LSK to various initiatives and active contributors to Lisk ecosystem.
Here are some of my donations:

600LSK to Community Fund - []
184LSK to FixCrypt Lisk desktop client - 14322058075370095090, 11514149877437370770
1500LSK to LiskRomaniaPromoFund -[]
600LSK to FULIG - Italian Lisk Community []
550LSK to phoenix’s Lisk awareness campaign
1000LSK to atreide’s april initiative in Bucharest
250 to StellarDynamic’s lisk_neworleans meetups initiative
100LSK to
100LSK to Isabella - []
100LSK to Vega - []
150LSK to MrV - []
150LSK to mrgr - []
150LSK to vrlc82 -[]
200LSK to gr33ndragon - []
100LSK to Dakk
More to come!

A big Thank you to all my voters and supporters!
If you have any questions and/or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me!