S01E05 - Sir Trident of Cutlery - February 3, 2018


Sir Trident of Cutlery

In the early days of LiskLand, a sneeze or the flap of butterfly wings could cause an anomaly sending all sorts of cutlery into the network. Something that people new to LiskLand perhaps do not realize when talking about taxation of the 101 main vessels, is the amount of work that was needed in the early days. They do not understand the pain these anomalies would cause on all the vessels in the network. Sometimes so bad that they would send vessels into the abyss to never be seen again until they were rebuilt.

They were all types of anomalies but some of the more important ones were of category 3 and 5. These would cause the most disruption in the network. Funny thing about these is that some could be easily avoided. Some people, fueled by either greed, ignorance or stupidity would try and clone their vessel and have more than one active at any given time.

It is rumored that a fake Captain ran a vessel in the LiskLand network and this vessel never caused a category 5 anomaly. However, it is rumored that anomalies were in fact created by the fake captain’s vessel.

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