S01E04 - White-paper Chronicles - January 27, 2018


White-paper Chronicles
With more people looking at LiskLand as a possible network to do business in, more and more people started showing up in sector Rocket-Chat asking all sorts of questions.

One question that was prevalent in the early days was: “Where are the blueprints for LiskLand?” It was common practice in the cryptoverse to release blueprints to the network cluster. More than blueprints it was a statement from the creators on what the vision is for the network and what problem it is trying to solve.

Our hero discovered remnants of a paper said to be white in color (depending on whom you ask) and it cointained an early version (perhaps no longer valid) of the vision of the creators. It is said that this paper is lost and has been taken out in favor of more appropriate documents.

Rumor has it that within this paper there is a key that helps unlock a somewhat hidden feature of the vessels which you can use to access custom man made sectors. This so called feature no longer exists in LiskLand, but rumor has it that it is scheduled for a comeback, as it is one of the main features of the network, if it is not delayed.

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