S01E03 - PR a Country? Decentralization Part I - January 20, 2018


PR a Country? Decentralization Part I
As LiskLand grew in population it was deemed necessary to have a select group of people join the LiskTeam in an unofficial manner (more on this later). These people were meant to represent their home industry, promote Protocol Literature and spread word of the 101.

It is said that the governing body of LiskLand spent countless hours watching its community interact before making their selection and although they were cautious as time went on, it was apparent that at least one apple was not good from that first batch. A conservative estimate.

I feel that now it is a good time to introduce our hero. These are his words we are narrating, they outline events that he experienced during his travels in LiskLand.

Included is a page from his diary. It is said to be an early draft of what these “Ambassadors” were meant to embody. “Puerto Rico is a country?” He mumbled to himself. “I guess I need to get out more or someone is desperate” he whispered before closing his laptop and calling it a night.

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