S01E02 - And Then There Were Three - January 13, 2018


And Then There Were Three
And so Two by 2 began working on creating a community in LiskLand. They replicated CryptiLand with a technology called GiT, which allowed to make a copy of the structure of everything in CryptiLand and rename it as their own. They now had the brains of the operation and all necessary documents in sector GitHub. People were welcome to view the blueprints of LiskLand’s internals and critique or even help them make it better. They made a pilgrimage to the planet BitCoinTalk where they posted in an old message board their plans, an outline of what they were trying to accomplish.

While visiting sector Bl-0g coordinates e1c2a35404a4c59656a747f88959ea2b0bcc1cfd6dadcdf they announced a new member: The Operative, a believer recruited from CryptiLand. With this, The Operative joins the governing body of LiskLand as the Executive Chef, Chief Director of Community, Clay Modeler and Troll Hunter. And then there were three.

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