Ren.dao - Lisk Airdrop & Delegate Campaign


REN is being developed as a decentralized currency running on a Lisk Sidechain. Its core mission is to immediately value educational effort through tokenization.

On March 19th, 2018 we initiated a 3 month campaign to become one of the top 101 Lisk Delegates. If ren.dao becomes a forging delegate by June 18th, 2018 we will provide an exclusive airdrop to the Lisk Community with early participation benefits.

In addition, once a delegate, ren.dao will distribute forged LSK with the following allocation;

  • 70% will be distributed back to ren.dao voters equal to the proportion of LSK contained in their wallet (paid weekly, 1 LSK minimum).
  • 30% will be distributed to the Ren Coin Foundation to fund initial development as outlined in the white paper.

Our full airdrop campaign and delegate proposal can be viewed at

3 Reasons to Vote ren.dao

  • You like our project and want to see it become a success. We could really use the seed funding to get the project moving quickly.
  • You want to support an 100% independent, non-profit sidechain project as a top Lisk delegate.
  • You believe in social good blockchain projects with visions of decentralization and open governance.