Price drop?


I think most of us were expecting a surge after this event. I for one was very pleased with the event as a whole. What are everyone’s opinions on why the price dropped, and where is the price of LSK going?


My perception has been that coins tend to drop right when the event or rebrand happens. the highest price being before the event.


Actually we should be brutally honest and look at the event from a delivery point of view.
In November, everything was pushed to the 20th of February. All the major tool versions were meant to be on 1.0.0 by then and all we got is a new wallet in Beta. Core 1.0.0, the major stepping stone for anything and everything going forward is still 4-6 weeks away before it will even be TESTED on the TestNet… Even if everything would go well, a release would not be on the cards until May at the very earliest. So that is just another big, big delay without anything substantial to happen until then.

So at this relaunch it became very clear, very quickly that they had nothing other then the rebranding. The price started to fall the minute the presentation started and the agenda became clear.

While it is true that the price tends to drop after the event, it is also true that there was no substance in the whole presentation. It was done very professionally and all but there was no delivery of anything more than a beta wallet.

There are valid reasons for the delay but one should not be surprised to see the price depressed and the overall vibe to be one of disappointment other then the fanboys who will just ignore the facts. :slight_smile:

I’m a longterm holder of LSK since mid 2016. I am not particularly worried about it especially after seeing the financials behind the project. It is one of the best funded blockchain ventures out there so that makes me rest easy. I just don’t want to turn a blind eye on the fact that the rebranding was just that. A rebranding. Nothing more was delivered. It’s just no longer enough given the current market sentiment.

So now we have to wait for Core 1.0 and we should also keep in mind that this is the stepping stone for anything else. Meaning that anything and everything else will also be delayed each time Core 1.0 slips…


great points. I’m speaking entirely from the market point of view. I have seen many coins do this even with more substance in their relaunch. I’m admittedly not familiar enough with this situation and gather that the relaunch is as you say, just a re brand. Re brands alone don’t seem to have much impact lately, you are right.