Modern Phone such as Google Pixel VS Entry Level DSLR?


My usual photo procedure: wait for a good light outside, bring out what I want to take pictures of, take the pictures in raw, upload to lightroom & process & make them look bling-bling , shrink to tiny size to upload to ebay/other sites… So clearly I could care less about the mpx count or having the latest or largest sensor out there as I take everything in good light and don’t really have problems getting nice pics after processing even from already old cameras…

For my other non side-gig things, I take pictures with my old Moto G3 phone… good enough for the daily stuff…

What do you think? With phones like Pixel 2 are we finally at the stage where it can replace an entry level DSLR for 99% of the average person needs or still not there yet?

Please help.

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