Max Kordek interview on Lisk


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5:38 Lisk is a fork of Crypti

6:11 How much did Lisk raise in the ICO = 14.000BTC

6:54 How are the fund being held

9:22 Who decides how and when the ICO funds are spend

17:22 Will there be a DAO on the Lisk network: Yes, as a side chain

21:33 What do you have to do as a delegate

24:40 How are side chains secured?

26:12 Why do you want to secure the side chain?

27:56 In 2018 there will be a delegate marketplace

31:09 How is Lisk different from Ethereum

32:40 Some example utilities for Lisk

36:52 Why not make all the Lisk ideas on the bitcoin blockchain

40:51 Lisk vs Ethereum technically

47:06 If you want to get involved with Lisk. What to do…