Marketing Project Recommendations [SMALL]


Can the LISK community please recommend small beneficial marketing projects for HQ to consider…


Look at the low scores on the following site and fulfil their requirements…


Add to the sidebar information on


Javascript tutorials that get seo traffic.

Lisk + nodejs, Lisk + react, Lisk + whatever tutorials to grab different pockets of the javascript community.

Just some cool tutorials that show how to use lisk to do certain things. I understand we have the academy, but I’m talking about those kinda blog posts that include code and teach the reader step by step how to accomplish something new. Something that adds to their tool belt. Something that people bookmark for later usage. Something makes them think of a new project idea.

Its vague because I’m just typing this off the cuff as I drink my first coffee


Passive income is growing in popularity, especially in a bear market. Proactively monitor ‘passive income’ as a search term and update/inform existing articles about the opportunities of Lisk.

Eg. Lisk is not mentioned here… |

Also, can the community please recommend some professional monitoring tools?

Eg. | |