LiskTrust - By the People, For the People!


LiskTrust is now a proud member of LiskAscend

LiskTrust delegate is comprised of FOUR active community members under ONE delegate.

Active? How so? LiskTrust members are frequently found helping answer Community questions about Lisk, helping newcomers get up and running on testnet, and testing and giving feedback on community-designed tools and apps. With members on both sides of the globe, LiskTrust strives to maintain 24/7 presence in the Lisk Community.

So what sets us apart from other delegates? We have numerous backgrounds and focuses that allow us to be versatile in our approach to the future of Lisk. We look forward to working with sidechains and other community projects.

What do I get back for voting you? Once LiskTrust is in a forging position, 50% will be shared to Lisk Ascend voters. 40% will be dedicated to the LiskTrust Community Fund. That’s a 90% share!

What’s this community fund for? That’s where things get interesting. We at LiskTrust want to put more power into the voters’ hands by allowing our voters to decide how a portion of our forging rewards will be spent. The fund will be 100% transparent and easily found on the chain. We will have a proposal system regarding how the funds will be spent. Want to donate to a deserving charity? Want to help support new community tools or projects? Ideas like sponsoring meetups, podcasts, and conventions, running full-page magazine ads featuring Lisk, strategically placing Lisk billboards, and donating to Lisk tool-builders and app-makers are all on the table. Let your voice be heard!

Vote for Ascend! Vote for LiskTrust! By the People, for the People!


Just to make it easier for everyone, I’ve included our links below :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading our proposal!


Good luck guys !
I really like all of you ! :sunny:

You are doing an amzing community job here, on the and Telegram groups !

Keep up the good work !