[Liskpro.com] #100 - Lisk French Ambassador - 80%


Dear Lisker,
Dear Community,

LiskPro.com is a Lisk longtime french speaking group of several IT engineers !

With a strong 10 years experience in IT infrastructure and security, LiskPro.com is proud to get into the Lisk Community. We are crypto aware since 2011 with good knowledge in Bitcoin and Ethereum structures.

Based in Belgium, we want to share and promote Lisk around French-speaking countires such as France, Belgium, Switzerland…
The promotion is based on our experience in IT security because we truly think that people will get in Lisk adventure only if they can trust the system !

About us

LiskPro.com is a branding name that cover several Belgians working in IT and network services.
Currently, the team is composed by two main actors: one has more than 10 years in IT, infrastructure and backup experiences, the second member has an experience of over 7 years in IT infrastructure, multi-hosting and IT security.

We are building a strong team to promote Lisk around French-speaking countries.

We offer all our experience and knowledge to build strong and safe Lisk community.
We are aware of security breaches and every day we learn on how to improve security.
Best practices are not enough for us and security is definitely not a joke !

Current contributions and planned contributions to the Lisk ecosystem

Early 2017, we have build a french-based website that offer a wide range of Lisk articles from the tutorial to some meeting interviews. Please check this out : https://www.liskpro.com.
Since then, we are publishing new contents every week or so !

We have organized the famous “New-Year Lisk Lottery” that allowed voters to earn more than 2650 LSK ! Furthermore, we have made some powershell scripts for the lottery drawing process. These are freely usable : https://github.com/liskprocom :space_invader:

Thanks to our regular presence on Lisk.chat, we are moderator on this plateform. Next to that, we are really active on Reddit, BTCTalk and now this forum !

Our proposal

As a Sherwood member, we share 80% of our forging reward !

  • 50% to the Sherwood’s voters;
  • 25% to the Elite’s voters;
  • 5% to the Elite fund.

Benefit for voters

  • High reward through Sherwood pool : https://robinhood.liskpro.com
  • Rewards on the pool are huge due to the RobinHood mechanism ; for some voters : more than 100%.
  • Delegate server(s) managed by experienced sysadmins, hosted on top tier cloud providers who guarantee 99.95% uptime, SLA and highend failover protection.

Payout policy

Because we think voters deserve fast and transparent payouts, we have setted up a stats website : http://robinhood.liberspirita.net

  • Frequency: every monday
  • Minimal amount: 1 LSK

Servers Specifications


  • Restrictive firewall.
  • Anti-DDOS protection.
  • SSL certificate encryption 4096bit + passphrase.
  • Restricted access to API using an IP white list.
  • Secure SSH and IPS.
  • Up to date OS, installed and configured according to market best practices.


  • A 99.95% SLA contract with our service provider.
  • IPV4 Failover.
  • DR node ready to takeover.

Mainnet server “as is” specifications

  • CPU : 2 vCores @ 2.4 Ghz
  • RAM : 8 Go vRAM
  • Storage : 40 Gb SSD Raid 10
  • Network : 100 Mbps with unlimited bandwith
  • Location : France

Testnet server “as is” specifications

  • CPU : 1 vCores @ 2.4 Ghz
  • RAM : 4 Go vRAM
  • Storage : 20Gb SSD Raid 10
  • Network : 100 Mbps with unlimited bandwith
  • Location : France

Number of failover VPS : 6 !

Contact Details

Website: https://www.liskpro.com
E-Mail: liskpro.com-arobase-gmail.com
Reddit: liskpro_com
BitcoinTalk.org: LiskPro.com
Lisk forum: LiskPro.com
Lisk chat: @liskpro.com

Our Mainnet delegate name is liskpro.com
Our Mainnet delegate address is 13112651512533400586L

Our Testnet delegate name is liskpro.com
Our Testnet delegate address is 13687555072872361768L