Lisk relaunch discussion


Wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on the relaunch event!!


I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, beautiful branding and (hopefully) quality. On the other, seems like you have some problems with the core… I know, it’s complicated. Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer to wait for good quality software but this is a highly speculative market so it may be hard to convince people to follow you.

Besides, this is my favorite “Etherium killer” and I’m a huge fan of LISK.


Perfect re Launch I am very impressed with Lisk HQ and how hard they have worked! I am not too worried about core as I am aware that it is in testing phase and a very important aspect in its release. love the new logo!

  1. You should practice “public appearances” - it was not good.
  2. The language you use at the Event, though it was supposed to be simple, was not at all. A more programmer would understand it than an ordinary user.
    My Dad, like most people, still does not know what Lisk is?
  3. Event wasn’t SEXy .

  1. LISK crashed after the event.


Loved it, the event was very professional, the brand overhaul looks amazing.

Plus, we learned that the Core beta is 4 to 6 weeks away only, great stuff is just around the corner.

The reason for the price drop is probably a lot of uninformed “investors” selling, because there was no SDK release and whatnot, but that had been stated time and again, and Lisk team clarified multiple times, that this was going to be a re-launch event, nothing more, nothing less.


Lisk is supposed to be simple for developers not to the average computer user, the whole idea of lisk is to enable developers to create their dapps and products with ease, using the most widely used programming language in the world and without having to code the blockchain itself.

Lisk is a platform to write dapps in JS, it’s up to the dapp creators to make their product accessible to the ordinary user.