Lisk Miami Blockchain Meetup: Use Cases


The second Lisk Miami Blockchain Meetup was in the after hours of the North American Bitcoin conference. Throughout the meetup we saw a total of about 25 eager enthusiasts and interested new comers. Matthew presented and discussed Blockchain use cases including currency and many others. Before our Lisk update we spent some time in an open dialog and listened to some cool Crypto themed music. There is a special vibe in Miami. We would like to thank Starthub for the venue and our many great guests for taking part in the dialog. See you next time!


I am interested in establishing a set of criteria or guidelines to define use-cases. There are many possible use-cases for blockchain apps and Dapps, but the feasibility of practical implementation can vary widely.
I think a set of guidelines created by people with experience in programming and implementing successful projects would helpful for those considering a blockchain app use-case.