Lisk Community Meeting - 04


Question 1:
@3:56 Is the Lisk SDK on track for q4? Is there a list of features that will be implemented so that devs can get a idea on what to expect?
Answer: So the brainstorming and requirements gathering stage which was scheduled for q2 is complete. The next stage in our process which is planned for q3 and leading into q4 is to start developing the first version of the SDK. So the first brain in terms of features will have the ability to bootstrap write and launch this application in the simplest and easiest way possible. So the initial focus for this SDK is to have a stable and secure architecture on which developers can build. So for this reason we’re writing very hard to improve the stability modularity and future scalability of Lisk for itself.There is a great deal of work being done to help us build out the components which will need to complete the SDK.We’ve scheduled towards the end of July.

Question 2:
@6:05 Any possible future customer big name for side chain partners, companies that run side chain? Any ideas for side chains?
Answer: We’ve had this question in the past. I’m not going to say anything in regards to this because if there is a big partner or collaboration or something like that they never want to have a pre announcement. As far as the ideas for the side chain, I think the main use for block chain is where side chain can really show the advantages and that means value of transfer, value of ownership, like ska sort of elements which has certain kind of scarcity and this is really where side chain can be used for but it can also be used for many other aspects which might not make sense on the first glance but later on revealed to be quite cool. It could be something out of the gaming sector like a high score lisk which is immutable. Everyone says oh you don’t need a block chain side chain of that but maybe later on it comes out just what we need to have. We could issue like crysis every week for the best performing players. And we know that they didn’t cheat or so because there is some decentralized trust reputational anti cheat system in place or something like that. I think there are many cool ideas out there. Search our forums for example, there are a a few ideas on there.

Question 3:
@7:52 Today all transactions have the same priority. Lisk will not have the same increase in these problems right? How will Lisk handle the price of transactions?
Answer:In the current implementation we kind of have a fixed fee system. We want to move to a more dynamic feed. So one example that we kind of kicked around is a dynamic fee based on the bytes of transaction takes and then an optional feed that users can pay to kind of cut in line in the same way with some kind of cap on it to prevent it from spiraling out of control, which has happened with Bitcoin and Ethereum. So how will we handle it while also enabling the ability to put transactions in a block?

Question 4:
@8:56 So has development for SDK already started or when is it planned to begin?
Answer: I would say that development of the SDK has started mainly because a lot of the components that will be utilized by the SDK are in the actual Lisk core. As to the actual tool chain that developers would interact with, development for that specifically is due to start in July.

Question 5:
@9:37 If I built a platform people streamed like instead of payments using Fiat I created a side chain on Lisk. If Lisk has a hard fork for it would I have to do it too?
Answer: no it probably depends on the kind of hard fork. So let’s say if it’s a hard fork which changes the deposit with the bureau system from the main chain to the side chain he might have to update the SDK which he is using and this is theoretically a hard fork, but it’s not a change on the sidechain data itself it’s just a change in the logic of how it is being performed. So potentially but in most cases you’re running on your own side chain so you are quite independent. It really depends on the kind of hard fork also. If it’s some kind of chain split in the sense of etherion classic versus etherion, their side chain would have to probably decide which chain to follow. I would recommend following the official chain and not going with any Lisk classics.

Question 6:
@11:09 Lisk Nano 1.0 is released. Any plan for mobile wallet to double up?
Answer: yes of course we have a plan for that. I think first we have to get the desktop plans on a real high level before we can start taking on another product. I think at this stage we have enough to do. We have core, SDK, explorer, the desktop plan and many more still in the shadows. And I think getting something right first is better than starting many construction sites and never getting anything great.

Question 7
@11:52 When will the marketing campaign begin? Mark Wanmsnt pr is hired but what can we expect and when? Marketing is the key steps for Lisk to be truly successful.
Answer: Marketing has always been a part of Lisk. Waxman has been with us for quite some time. Thomas, our marketing lead isn’t present so next time he will be and he can answer any marketing questions. Consistent marketing has been done since the beginning. Waxman pr is public relations not marketing. Sometimes they are saving our asses. They handle our press releases and are trying to get us into news outlets but they are not really formulating a marketing strategy. I think currently a real campaign is not needed but we do have something cool planned for the SDK, something which runs up over many months. At our current stage we are building some sort of professionalization so that when we start our marketing campaign everything checks out. It doesn’t make sense to do a $100,000 marketing campaign and we aren’t ready.

Question 8:
@14:32 A fixed cost of 0.1 Lisk for each transaction is going to cost issues going forward. It has already become expensive to vote or transact. Any plans to change it?
Answer: Right now the most promising idea on transaction fee is actually calculating right. This isn’t set in stone so we are also brain storming different solutions, looking at how other projects blockchain concepts solve that problem. But my base is currently on the top list for us. So yeah it will be changed in the future, it won’t stay like it is and it shouldn’t be as expensive anymore and we have to change it.

Question 9:
@15:30 Lisk is holding byteball worth over a million. Any plans for how byteball will be used?
Answer: I’m not going to announce something just like that. But sure it will be used somehow to put more focus on Lisk. We are going to wait until all byteball are distributed because we get more byteballs if we vote more byteballs so we definitely don’t want to distribute any byteballs before. There are some legal implications when it comes to giving money to people for free so we have to be careful and solve this problem.

Question 10:
@17:03 Could you quantify the outside interest in Lisk, more specifically how many emails or coaches for the job developers or text companies?
Answer: We get emails everyday from potential developers and companies who are very interested in working with Lisk. The same response is always sent out. We are at the stage of building the alpha SDK and also a re-branding so we are not at that stage where we can confidently say okay let’s start working together with these tech companies. So there is quite a bit of interest with Lisk. I have been at the consensus at summit and the interest is huge. Everyone wants to do something with either Lisk foundation or with the SDK or sidechains but first of all we are staying neutral, second we have all our hands full on developing it actually and three it’s too soon to do something like that.

Question 11:
@18:19 Should we have IP before SDK development starts? I think it is good for protocol discussions.
Answer: we do not have an IP Lisk improvement proposals yet and so currently we are focusing on github and everybody is free to use the current github in order to see our development process. So you could go in there next and see everything that we discovered can parts or as enhancements for Lisk and then you can also see how we are going to approach these tasks. So everybody can go in there and create an issue about proposal for now but also when this is getting more and more I think we will be looking into having a lisk recruitment proposal structure in place. So I’m not sure if that’s going to happen before the SDK development starts but as soon as there is enough issues created it will make sense for us to go that route.

Question 12:
@20:18 How is the re-branding progress?
Answer: It’s good, very good. Q3 will be used for actual designs in an agile way, that means they are not working two months on explorer. They are working on something every week, something on the website, it’s all somehow connected and then gradually it will become more evolved into this finished version one re-branding we are striving for. What we probably are going to do maybe as a more detailed answer also on this is we will come up with an MVP in terms of design and then make it better in cycles. I think user experience is something you can get very good at in the first goal but not perfect. It needs several runs to get it really really right because you have to collect a lot of feedback.

Question 13:
@21:48 I’m curious. What is the security rating of Lisk core from one to ten?
Answer: That is a difficult metric to give. What I would say is that we’ve been running for over a year now and so far have managed to mitigate away all the known issues that we encountered along the way. As part of our development process we regularly boarding the code and we’re making a big effort to extend our test coverage especially at the unit level because that will really help weed out the flaws in the coding if there are any. If I was to give it a rating, an optimistic one I would say eight out of ten.

Question 14:
@23:49 Have you determined the target market for citing apps in Lisk 1.1x? Resources will be focused to enable it. Do you have any details?
Answer: In terms of the re-branding we worked with an agency called Relevance.They call themselves human marketing consultancy I think. They consist of people who really analyze markets, products and who are the users. And in depth we came up with I think 5 or 6 user groups which might be a target market for Lisk as a whole. I think the target market is once the develop itself and on the other side the commissioner. What I want to point out here is if we’re talking about developers we want to make it possible as many votes as possible to use the SDK so we really want to strive for this easiness for this edge where not everyone but the majority of the developers could take on this SDK and develop a blockchain with it. So these are the two target markets for the sidechain SDK and we’re talking about sidechain apps then of course that’s everyone. We want to reach everyone on the streets. Everyone should be one of our target groups we are striving for. The resources we will put focus on and in terms of how our marketing will put the focus on different user groups. I think at the current point we are not so many people on the marketing side and will change quite soon but needs we need to really carefully select where we want to market what and in the beginning I think we will take a broader aspect where we will satisfy many user groups at once. Instead of really going to like let’s say one very specific medium. Like in Berlin there’s a block chain real estate meter. It doesn’t make sense for us to really go there and try to pitch this. I think it makes more sense to go to javascript, meet up first and then once we get more resources in our team we can take focus on specific needs to conquer them and then inject the Lisk SDK to their community and then broaden the whole.

Question 15:
@27:23 Do you ever think that postgresql’s plv8 a fully trusted procedural language in javascript powered by v8 can be used as one of my contract languages?
Answer: I would say by the very fact that we are based on javascript and our persistence layer is using postgres then yeah this is a very interesting one for us and we’ll start to look further into it but some more research will be required before we commit ourselves on that one. I think it’s a great idea initially. Procedural language is very powerful in the database. I wouldnt be lying if I said we’re going to use more of the database features in the future.

Question 16:
@28:34 When are the HP’s for transactions and forging will be reduced and cancelled for the second passage? Any plans for lowering all fees or making them dynamic?
Answer: Isabella already answered and said they will be dynamic as for when the change is coming there is no due date for this.

Question 17:
@29:02 When can the protocol designs start?
Answer: I’m not sure if you mean atomic transactions or from chain to chain. So this would imply they wouldn’t be siders but they could interact with each other and we have several ideas on how that could be solved. We are currently but mostly theoretizing about the different concepts we have in mind. I think it doesn’t really make sense to speak about it in details before we haven’t done any tests or looked into implications of it. I think it will be during the SDK development it will get more. The SDK will be quite modular and if I understand this question correctly maybe it’s also about connecting sidechains with other sidechains so that they can use each other features. This should be possible from the goal I think with using API calls but a real link could be done by the developers itself because the SDK is so modular. It can go into a partnership with sidechain b when they’re the owner of sidechain a and say “hey do you want to cooperate somehow? We want to use your feature and we have this idea of extending feature set” but we need to implement this module that I’m sure is possible right from the beginning if the developer comes up with such a connecting module.

Question 18:
@31:41 What are the next steps for nano? What are plans, features? How does it’s roadmap look like?
Answer: First step is a 2.0 major release which will be to reflect the API changes that are going on in the Lisk core release. That’s going to be for July. Going into August there will be another release, but quite substantial from a development perspective. The reason for that is we’re rewriting the entire application from angular to react, so that’s going to be an interesting release. And then in September we will resume new feature enhancements such as new version notifications, application launch protocol as seen with bitcoin, support for multiple signature groups and transactions, multi account management and initial support for multiple languages. Thats all coming in September.

Question 19:
@33:18 Is there anyway to stop pool transactions for example during a Lisk based ico to prioritize real transactions?
Answer: Their all real transactions. The easiest way to stop pool transactions is to vote out all the pools. No, we have no control over the network when it comes to transactions. If somebody wants to send the transaction, they pay the fee they can send it. There is nothing not real about that transaction. No we can’t stop their transactions because we are not centralized.

Question 20:
@35:03 When will the SDK be ready?
Answer: When it’s done. Pretty soon the master will be on github for everyone to see and track the progress.

Question 21:
@35:50 How to conduct an ICO on Lisk in comparison to how ICO’s are being conducted on Ethereum today?
Answer: We have quite a few plans. In terms of the SDK, yes we will develop an SDK, this will be the first step, the next step will be to build the platform ROM test and our current plan can always change. The vision is to have something like an ICO platform right on Lisk where you can conduct an ICO without coding a small contract and without running a sidechain because in most cases like it was with us, people have an awesome idea, they might have an MVP but it’s not yet ready and that means they might not have the resources to really dive into coding. That’s why they are doing ICO. Blockchain technology nowadays gives people the opportunity to follow their dreams. We want to make it possible for everyone to conduct ICO’s on the main chain, issue a token, set some rules and later on that will be able to transfer the token to the side chain. We want to make it easier and faster.

Question 22:
@38:35 Will there be tutorials? I am excited to create a working app on Lisk and I’m hoping there will be sufficient documents.
Answer: yes we will have tutorials and have a manual for the SDK. we will have the academy which is Lisk targeted topics you can learn about that maybe necessary to know if you want to dive into the Lisk ecosystem or if you want to become a developer for Lisk.

Question 23:
@40:22 What is the reason behind having only 101 delegates versus having anyone as a delegate?
Answer: anybody can be a delegate. It’s a matter of leverage, social capital and offering something that everyone else doesn’t. 101 is a nice number that provided us the security that we needed in the early days without being excessively expensive to run. Now if you know the limitations of 101 delegates and the active role provides quite a lot of competition which is welcome in the environment since we don’t want to just keep the same delegates. We want to see that competition between people because it forces them to generate interest in both their own campaigns.

Question 24:
@41:32 Why poloniex has so many problems with your software? Are you in contact with them to explain these issues?
Answer: yes we are in regular contact with poloniex.They have accounted some problems down to the facts that a lot of exchanges run the various coins in an entertainment based environment and as a result of that I think they have run into a few educases when running Lisk. I’ve been in contact with them today and they are working towards writing the information, the guidance to resolve any problem and get it sorted as soon as possible.

Question 25:
@42:40 Will Lisk be able to provide free apps or will end users be forced to buy Lisk for tokens to interact?
Answer: I think it’s very important that people need Lisk in order to interact or do something on the Lisk blockchain. It’s a question of economics and there should always be demand for the Lisk token. If we are talking about X now and not the main chain then someone could create like either a sidechain with no token, make everything free. But I think ultimately the app developer will have the freedom here to choose whatever he wants to do but I think it’s very important to have some kind of a token which not only stops the spam but also makes an economical model around that. It could also be just a token which is created at will by the developer and he is limiting the number of tokens centralized and he is giving out like 5 tokens to every new user. This way the user still needs the token to interact and it creates demand. This is a very important attribute of blockchains and shouldn’t be removed easily.

Question 26:
@44:38 Someone working on a chrome OS client option? Chrome is becoming more popular to achieve hardware and Android app integration.
Answer: we have many construction sites already and we are focusing on making them great. We don’t want to add more construction sites. I think once we have a nice mobile client then we will shop around and see what else is possible.

Question 27:
@45:30 Where did you hear the first time about Lisk? How did you come to Lisk? Joel heard about it in 2016 when Max and Oliver were both invested into Cryptic and so was I and that’s how we met. Tobias knew Max from Crypti and also participated in the ICO. Isabella says from poloniex trollbox.

Question 28:
@46:49 Are there plans to integrate with shape shift?
Answer: yes we are planning to get re listed on shape shift. They might have been facing similar issues to Poloniex. If so we will contact them and see what we can do to help them.

Question 29:
@47:48 Is the 101 delegates a hard number or could it rise or lower in the future?
Answer: It was a convenient number that enabled us to kind of get where we are today. Lowering it probably not. I think that’s the wrong direction to go. It’s going to make a lot of people very upset. As for increasing it that is a possibility. It will require a lot of organization and plenty to do so since we have it hard coded currently and it’s not changeable without all the clients updating and agreeing.

Question 30:
@48:36 Will there be a replacement for the example messaging app by the time of launch?
Answer: Yes.

Question 31:
@48:53 What is a practical limit in terms of transactions per second that Lisk can accommodate. What’s the theoretical limit?
Answer: Current implementation is two and a half transactions a second. In the lab we have tested a far greater amount, however for stability of the network the cap of 2.5% is adequate. There is very rare circumstances where we actually need more. In the future the mechanisms where we process transactions will change and enable much greater volume.

Question 32:
@49:44 Is working at Lisk fun?
Answer: absolutely! We have a really good cohesion between the employees. Oliver and Max places a big emphasis on having a good working environment. We have team activities after work. So it’s really fun. We all have a similar vision and get excited about it. Sometimes too excited!

Question 33:
@51:19 What frameworks are you using or would be recommended for future sidechain apps.
Answer: This is a kind of open ended question. The SDK will have a hands off approach in terms of letting the developer make their own decisions on what frameworks they prefer to use. It can turn out to be quite almost a religious issue. We want to keep the SDK as simple and hands off as much as possible. It will do what you need it to do but doesn’t get in the way of actual development.

Question 34
@52:18 Will there be support for hardware wallet?
Answer: they changed the SDK entirely for the ledger nano so it doesn’t work anymore. I have to wait for them to fix it before I can continue working on that but I would love to get in contact with them. I think in the future there will be support for these devices.

Question 35:
@53:36 Will there be maximum Lisk or will there be endless Lisk forged?
Answer: So we have milestones every three million blocks starting from around block 1.42 million so the next ones coming up at block 4.42 million and that will reduce the rewards by one per block making it 4 Lisk per block over time it will decrease gradually until it’s one less per block forever, so therefore there is no maximum amount until the Lisk blockchain stops running. And that’s just the side effect of having a built in rewards system. As you know in order to incentivize block creation we have to offer this reward.

Question 36:
@55:20 So what exactly is the academy? Is it a bunch of manuals or something?
Answer: it will teach you what’s Lisk platform, what’s dpos, SDK, up to how to program the SDK. It won’t just be a loose sheets in a manual. It will be a flow guide that you can study all the equipment on Lisk, the products, projects, Lisk ecosystem. There will be a separate page for developers.

Question 37:
@56:46 Is Lisk going to be making more changes and reaching out?
Answer: we are reaching out. We are talking actively to some. We also met some at the conferences we visited in the past. Of course I can’t say anything. What I can say is that every exchange currently has a lot to do and they are magnitudes over what they should be normally keep aloft of because there is such a huge interest in blockchain technology today. We are talking with them. We are trying our best to get on the best.

Question 38:
@57:28 What are some ways that Lisk can be used by everyday folks that know nothing about it?
Answer: if people are using Lisk they should know something about Lisk. But they don’t need to know about blockchain technology or consensus or anything. That’s a goal for the mobile client we will have at some point next year. That means they can just install the app. They know lisk of course but they might not know what is a block chain, how is it working, what’s DPOS or an SDK. What they will be able to use it for is course to send Lisk around and to exchange these Lisk tokens for another token on this mobile client which allows them to gamble on the next football match with a social aspect with their friends or whatever. There will be quite a few applications coming on.

Question 39:
@59:16 I loved the new nano wallet. It would be great to show value of all of this maybe in future releases and a mobile client would be great. Is there a plan?
Answer: Yes a mobile client is definitely planned. We will have to wait until after the reactor migration is done. As for the holdings in usd, there is a pull request for that. It’s always important to check github when asking questions because a lot of times we’ve either got an issue logged or a pull request is already on standing. It’s just a matter of taking the time to review it, test it and make sure it meets our code quality standards.