Lisk Community Meeting - 03


Question 1:
@1:05 Will Lisk nano be able to be turned into an app for IOS or Android? If not is a mobile wallet planned?
Answer: Yes that is our plan. We are actually planning to move the code base in the direction that you can use react and react 18 and build both desktop applications and mobile applications. It will be easier to work on the mobile and desktop client because the library will have a lot of this cryptography stuff inside and that means the front end is cleaner and easier to do.

Question 2:
@2:10 Did you make progess on the conceptualization of the SDK and the rebranding? Can you give us some more information about it?
Answer: The rebranding started with a strategy session. Currently there is the live community with members from all over the world, who are brainstorming about different topics and a third-party research agency is analyzing what comes out of this. This will flow into the rebranding. This will also lead into the strategy sessions in regards to the rebranding. Followed by that will be the actual rebranding, the corporate design and so on. It’s in it’s first stage and it’s live now. In regards to the SDK, brainstorming and the conceptualization is making good progress. I don’t want to say anything to spoil possible announcements.

Question 3:
@3:32 Max will you be attending the consensus? Answer: The consensus will go Oliver, Thomas our new marketing director who is not here right now, and myself. We will not have an official presentation at the conference. We wanted to use the opportunity to go with a full team to a conference and to have heavy marketing, heavy networking, heavy pitching of the product. We think that Lisk is now in a state that it can be pitched quite well and as a promising project. And that’s our goal for our consensus. So no official presentation right now.

Question 4:
@4:26 For the new guys, what convinced you to work on Lisk and why did you join Lisk and not another Crypto project?
Answer: I have the chance to work with cutting edge technology and do my best to supply my endusers with a product that has the quality. Other companies try to just push out a product but here we try to make sure the product actually works.

Question 5:
@8:05 Will the roadmap have more specific time frames? We are going to change the roadmap, transform it completely.
Answer: What we are going to do is have several branches of products and each of these products will have their own roadmap which is divided into short term, medium term and long term. So there we will have more specific time lines for every product we have. In terms of planning we haven’t planned out for this quarter and we have a lot of ideas and sketches and brainstorms for the future. I’m not sure when we will do it because we are growing quite fast and it’s a lot of work to get everyone into the team. It’s hundreds of construction sites we currently work on, which only one will be published soon. So no specific time frame on when the roadmap will be released, but it’s not far away.

Question 6:
@9:40 Any news to the DPOS change?
Answer: No, nothing concrete. As with all of the changes that we make, we have long discussions to make sure that the change is right and there aren’t any flaws. If there are flaws that they are very minimal. No matter what system we come up with there will be a drawback. We don’t want to negatively impact our delegates who have worked very hard to maintain their positions for the past year.

Question 7:
@11:01 Are there any planned bounties yet? What we have planned is for the developers.
Answer: We have a program in the works. Once the developers have more concrete, than we can start working on the front end and build the actual site. We are currently working on some bounties, so we will definitely have some , it’s just taking so long because there is so much to do. It’s coming.

Question 8:
@12:13 What gives the Lisk token value if you will have a side chain? What’s contributing?
Answer: In itself let’s say we have one side chain with one app, it gives the whole Lisk ecosystem a lot publicity and recognition. That means in itself more users flock to the Lisk platform, buying Lisk tokens. There is one value appreciation of the Lisk token because of increasing popularity. Another one would be, maybe a side chain used as a token that you can only get in exchange for Lisk. That means people will have to buy Lisk first, go to a sidechain to get this token. That might implement some automatic exchange. I don’t know yet. That would also drive demand for the lisk token. Another one is a side chain as a native block chain, an independent block chain. That means you also need notes to secure it. One token which could be given out to note operators in order to secure the side chain could be the Lisk token. That means now block chain developers, operators, owners, would have to buy lisk and while the community and users of it would have to reward the delegates or whatever system the side chain will be using in order to reward these people.

Question 9:
@16:40 Why would a developer or business choose Lisk over other platforms?
Answer: If he decides to build something and he doesn’t have a blockchain then he doesn’t have many options. His number one choice would be Lisk. If he knows many different languages, and it’s definitely dependent on what you want built. If he wants to use his own blockchain, wants to customize, wants to use some unique feature, which is not possible with any other platform on the market he will go to Lisk. I think it comes down to developers flavors. And a learning curve is also very important.

Question 10:
@20:32 Can you recommend stake pools or how to get started in finding delegate stake pools? Is it possible for delegates to stake with their coins in cold storage?
Answer: There are quite a few delegates that offer rewards for voting for them. That is essentially how stake pools work within Lisk. You are trusting that delegate to pay you for your vote. As for getting started and staking with your coins in cold storage, in order to stake you have to place votes, so you could send all your coins to an account, create the vote transactions offline, put your secret information into a paper wallet, play those transactions on a different machine after you have made them locally, and keep them in cold storage that way. For the most part the only way to get your coins is with a secret, called a brain wallet. So your coins are stored on the blockchain and not in a file.

Question 11:
@23:00 Is the SDK being released along version 1.0 or are these two separate?
Answer: They are separate. Lisk version 1.0 is laying the groundwork to provide a lot of the refactored API that changes the communication layer and all sorts of very important things that we need to have the foundations for the SDK. The SDK is going to draw upon a lot of the new core features especially to facilitate decentralized notes, so you don’t have to run the main chain on the same box you are running your side chain. You will be able to hook them with web sockets. It will be much nice that way.

Question 12:
@23:49 How badass are the Lisk developers?
Answer: We are very badass.

Question 13:
@24:17 Is Lisk inferior to Theorem in any way? Could Lisk become larger than Theorem?
Answer: They are different platforms, different use cases. If Lisk could become larger than Theorem I don’t know. I think it doesn’t matter. Theorem is great. Lisk is great. Two great projects can live next to each other. I think in the future they can even compliment each other.

Question 14:
@25:15 When will developers be able to develop on Lisk?
Answer: You can definitely right now checkout core and pickup an issue. Just say I would like to work on this issue and then you can start working. At a later date we will add a vendor field or some arbitrary messages field so you could build like second layer solutions as well.

Question 15:
@26:41 How many employees working on Lisk besides developers?
Answer: Three.

Question 16:
@26.41 Why can you do only 33 votes at once? Is it possible to increase it to 101 per proposed transaction?
Answer: So the original implementation of 33 votes at once came from Crypti. The original reasoning for it was to prevent blocks from growing to large. I calculate it out. If you have a 25 transaction block with each transaction containing 33 votes its only about 58 kilobytes so we can definitely increase the votes by transaction but there’s a balancing act where we don’t want to go to big on the block and now you know if somebody could maliciously send 25 transactions with a hundred boats up and down, up and down and clog up the blocks to the make them huge and bloat up the database. I think maybe in the future we can think about it once we have websockets done and have a better way of streaming blocks than using HTTP requests to do so that will be a definite time that we can look at it so not immediately but definitely in the future. And we need to update the fee system as well.

Question 17:
@28:39 Are there any big name companies working with Lisk?
Answer: If you haven’t heard anything yet, it’s because it hasn’t been announced which means I can’t say anything about it. The design agency type of mountain is doing a great job on rebranding itself with this strategy part. Xmin PR is doing an amazing job of regulations out of New York City. We have our legal firm which keeps our asses safe.

Question 18:
@30:00 Any news on how you will use the byteballs?
Answer: We are waiting for the distribution to be completed than we will say something which will probably be in a year.

Question 19:
@30:21 Are you comfortable that you can make the SDK work and run securely? Have you hired any cryptographers to the team?
Answer: Yes. We will do our best with the initial implementation to do so we will have security audits run against it for sure two or three of them to make sure nothing is missed because we don’t want to release something is insecure and vulnerable. We already have some really good developers that know photography.

Question 20:
@32:22 Now the elite group is more than 50% with the 1% are you worried about a possible 51% attack to the Lisk block chain?
Answer: So previously we had a gdt,having like 75 members or something like that. They didn’t do anything and I don’t think elite will either. They all have a significant investment Lisk. Requiring was a hundred thousand lisk per user. I don’t they would do anything to jeopardize it. I don’t think they could really pull one off in the way that people would think of it because of the network would reject that. That includes the exchanges. They would accept a block that doesn’t match their own memory tables and for consensus. So if they tried something the chain would be split, they would be forging on their own chain and nobody would use it and we would end up with another chain. It could maybe be a litter shorter but people would be able to recognize that their chain has been tampered with when they can’t synchronize to it.

Question 21:
@34:46 Will it be possible to build private untraceable coin on Lisk?
Answer: You would have to fork Lisk first of all. Then you would have to introduce an anonymizing mechanisms into the code base, but there is always a way to track it, eventually with enough mathematical computations. Potentially yes, short term no.

Question 22:
@35:53 Do you have any agreement with elite group?
Answer: No.

Question 23:
@36:08 Why did you decided to have 101 delegates? Is the 1 under an arbitrary number or is there more significance from a technical standpoint?
Answer: 101 delegates was inherited from Crypti. A lot of the consensus related things were. 101 is a prime number. So having a prime number makes it impossible to have a tie. So it’s a fail safe built into the system and you could obviously scale it up to the next prime number or the next one after that but there’s no reason to do so . The system works as intended right now.

Question 24:
@37:12 Why do some in the community bash Lisk? Answer: We are in the crypto community guys, everyone bashes everyone. Some people want to bet on Theorem, some people want to bet on Lisk, and some on bitcoin. There will always be comparison to other crypto projects.

Question 25:
@38:22 Will the funds run out before Lisk gets successful? What will need to happen for Lisk to be successful in your eyes Max?
Answer: You saw the financial report. We have like 20 million euros. It’s crazy. The funds will definitely not run out before we deliver a working, good product. Being successful is a matter of what is being successful. Is it number of users, number of apps, working good product, 100 % test coverage. I don’t know but I think we all believe in it. I think it’s going to be great and the funds will last for a long, long time. In my eyes we will be successful when we get these three groups, one venture capitalists which have not taken an eye on cryptocurrencies yet, Javascript developers, and the average users that are trying to use the apps. For Lisk to be successful, we have to make it so accessible, so simple to use that average, mainstream users can use it and then they also are going to use the apps. That will be my dream come true.

Question 26:
@40:46 Core team built some cool apps, games like Travian on the Lisk, if not that kind can you tell us some feature apps that are planned for core team?
Answer: Travian is an online game. I know that we have some fans of gaming and maybe we will support such project in the future which is doing a browser game with real live like financial ecosystem inside the game, realized with cryptocurrencies , but now it’s all Lisk core. We are building the platform and foundation, which we might build upon later ourselves. The focus is only on these products we are working on. We have plans for future apps.

Question 27:
@43:23 Where is Oliver? Is he alive?
Answer: Yes, he is working.

Question 28:
@43:42 Can you give an example of what the PR agency has done in the past two months?
Answer: So we have had several reoccurring meetings with Joel, Oliver and me and we discussed general public relations matters. Then we did several mock interviews in which we trained ourselves in order to get better with media. We did in debt relations some general training in which they showed us a presentation in which we have some different scenarios. Then regularly they are pitching Lisks to the media. All those press releases you see about like nearly every minor release about several products they are working on that. They pushing out those initial press releases. We take a look and we find them and then they push it again to the media and to the press with these distribution channels. They are giving us critical advice in terms of like if there is some PR problem on the horizon, so we can get advice from them on how to solve it or how to react and so on. They are also working news articles, interviews , podcasts, and video interviews.

Question 29:
@46:01 What are some details of the rebranding that will add value to Lisk?
Answer: 8665450% laughed at the logo and 2% hated it. And I think what value it will bring in terms of strategy is that we get a very clear picture of where we want to go, and how to communicate that and a clear picture for our users on our websites and clients to get this vision. This will be weighed in itself and see that a lot of value was added. It will be very recognizable. The website is good. For the user experience they are going to add a launcher because it’s quite hefty. That’s why we outsourced it from the beginning to a huge agency. They are giving us a whole corporate identity and making us look more professional and making us look more serious.

Question 30:
@49:01 Is it a possibility to have Javascript on their chain? What would be the risk/advantage?
Answer: I don’t really know a lot about it. It sounds like they have subtracted a lot of the RPC calls into being using Javascript, so it’s still running at you. You know you are still doing smart contracts. It’s not like an SDK like what our plans are., So its in an entirely different direction with what they want to do.

Question 31:
@50:07 Most of our coins Lisk depend too much on central exchanges? What is your vision about central lisk also with the central exchange.
Answer: If we get a repeatable like or something really good working as a decentralized exchange people will start using it. It just needs to like get some traction. I mean its all about centralizing all the things.

Question 32:
@50:52 Isabella do you plan to stay long-term in Berlin? Do you miss the states?
Answer: Yes forever. No I dont. I don’t like the U.S. government so I like it here.

Question 33:
@51:05 Are you planning to collaborate on lisk projects like shift their testing their main product, can lisk tap it or make some collaborations?
Answer: So shift is implementing ipfs as kind of a service using bliss to sit on top it and provide the funding that allows you to withdraw items or store items into ipfs. I originally looked at implementing ipfs into lisk and we abandoned that in favor of doing other more important things. That’s definitely something that I would be interested in collaborating with them, especially because they have done a lot of hard work and they have made it work. It would be really good as sidechains as well that need to store files. So in terms of cooperation its always a matter of how much benefit we get, also I think that we should give no project like some advantage at the end of your neutral decentralized platform and project. That means that we will never implement on purpose a code for a project because they need it if no one else can use this kind of code or song.