Lisk Community Meeting - 02


Question 1:
@2:49 Any plans to do a security audit before SDK release?
Answer: The developers on our team welcome a security audit. I think we might do one before SDK release. It’s important to mention that we have several projects. It’s important to mention what product the security auction should be on. On the core definitely, I’m not sure exactly when, but I’m sure that we will have one this year probably.

Question 2:
@3:44 A few weeks ago we were talking about brainstorming around Lisk SDK. What is the current progress on this issue? Do you have a vision on how the SDK should work?
Answer: We have a vision of how everything should look since the beginning basically, it’s just a matter of formulizing it and bringing it to paper to see the whole picture and make sure everything is well and looks very good. Last time we said we would brainstorm for about 3 months. In March we focused on bringing/pushing the core to the top efficiency with our new developers, introducing new updates with UI, pushing updates on Explorer, changing the way we communicate on the block. We did a lot this month, so there was not enough time to concentrate on the SDK, but it’s moving forward really good.
We will definitely update the community once we are moving from the brainstorming phase to a more sophisticated stage. At this point we are still brainstorming, but it’s definitely moving forward. A lot of the work that Maciej is doing is going to go into the SDK. We have included web sockets we don’t have to use Sandbox anymore to communicate. That allows us a better level of security. You don’t have to run the dsop on the same note as the core, you can just point your core note, if you run one to the application note. Isabella will be back in Berlin in April so we decided to shift a little bit of focus from the SDK to our other product and once Isabella, the system architect is back in Berlin we concentrate on the SDK as well.

Question 3:
@6:41 Do you have an overall roadmap for sidechains?
Answer: It’s a big mix. We have all of the products in one road map with the different phases. With the past month and the many developers we now hav , we distribute specific project tasks to a group of developers or to a specific developer. It became more clear that we have all of these distinctive projects or products, that why I’m going to redo the roadmap entirely for every single project. This will of course happen in coordination with the whole team and we will see how we are going to structure it. I have not started that yet, but it’s definitely on my task list. What I plan to do is it will be a little bit more detailed for short term and the further in the future the more general it will become.

Question 4:
@8:27 Will HQ inform the community when an SDK phase gets completed and you move to the next phase, like moving from SDK brainstorming phase to the architecture setup phase?
Answer: Yes. I think what we are going to do is, with this roadmap we are going to specify exactly which phases the SDK has. I don’t mean like features, but like brainstorming, conceptualizing, architecturing and so on, so that people know when what should be happening and in what order. Basically up to date on where stand currently. This will come with the new roadmap.

Question 5:
@9:38 Will Lisk ICO funds be used at all to compensate contributors, ambassadors or events or instead of just relying on the delegate system?
Answer: I think what needs to happen is a mentality change. Yes, we collected the ICO bitcoin, but in my opinion it’s important to state that the bounty funds are a part of our ICO funds. We are using them. Thank you to the community. We distributed Lisk to ambassadors, to people who went to events, to keep contributors of the community. It’s being done like intended. What we plan to do is, we need just one delegate in order to have a failsafe, and in order to be sure that if something breaks, we have this delegate to secure or introduce an update to generate at least one block then, which introduces delegate changes in the rankings list and this Lisk reward is just a by effect and we thought the most fair way for our employees would be to share it and make the rule we don’t vote for anyone individually, because we also make the rule we don’t vote for anyone from the community individually because there can only be 101 delegates and only 101 delegate votes from us. It will always be unfair for some persons. We want to concentrate on the product not the voting.

Question 6:
@14:01 Can the team at Lisk say the sidechains will work 100%?
Answer: Current state, sidechains probably won’t work. It’s because the SDK we have, came from Crypti and it hasn’t been our focus. Our focus has been on core and making that work because if you don’t have a stable core you won’t have stable sidechains. In the future when we rewrite the SDK from scratch they will work because that is the goal of the project. We want to bring stable sidechains to you and we will. I promise.

Question 7:
@16:23 What’s the status of Lisk development team and when are the new hires that were spoken of last month coming on board and when are even more to come?
Answer: On the front end we have 2. On the back end 2 and 2 more coming. They signed the contract, everything is sealed. So the team is expanding.

Question 8:
@18:11 Does HQ have any plans to create their own sidechain blocks or is the focus mostly going to be on SDK Lisk security blockchain etc?
Answer: Obviously part of building SDK we have to prove that it works, so there are some plans to build proof of concept apps that provide a baseline implementation so that anybody coming in can pull it down then modify that code to suit their needs, which will help them significantly in any effort because if you give an SDK but no examples how do you know to use it. So we will definitely have some example sidechain and applications just like we do now. It will just be a matter of recreating those things under the new framework. This is from the documentation side of things but from the management and project planning side of things it’s a definite yes. What we are going to do is introduce features to Lisk ecosystem, but which are not directly implemented on the main chain of Lisk. Our plan is to scale significantly so that Lisk as an ecosystem becomes extremely successful, so we need to outsource identity to sidechains to be more scaleable. And we do the same with many more other blockchain apps.

Question 9:
@21:05 Do you have anything planned for official bounty programs?
Answer: Yes, we do have something planned. I am taking the lead on building the rules, the guidelines, on how it’s going to happen. Once that’s done we send it out to the developers, and they will write the exploits that could happen within Lisk and get me more information, so that we can put them in the guidelines. Once that’s done we can start building the website.

Question 10:
@21:51 What of the updates regarding the distribution of byteballs to the great community and contributors of Lisk? When should we expect this to take place?
Answer: It’s something positive for the community. There are two metrics that play into this distribution process. The first is how many bitcoin is linked to this ICO similar thingy and the other one is how many byteballs you currently own or hold. That means the more byteballs we own the more byteballs we get in future distribution rounds. I think it makes sense to wait now until the distribution is finished or far progressed that it makes sense to distribute or use to the Lisk community. For now it’s on hold.

Question 11:
@23:45 We changed the name of the Lisk Community fund to Lisk Community Assets. Is that semantics or a purpose for this change in name?
Answer: Yes it is. The fund is something financially, you manage other people’s money or you use it to invest into something, so there’s some legal implications, so we renamed it to assets because it also represents. So it’s a legal thing you know.

Question 12:
@24:22 All the funds being sent to the Lisk community assets, it’s still the communities correct?
Answer: Yes, it’s still the communities. We are going to do this Dow similar thing in the future. It’s just a name change for all kinds of ‘funds”

Question 13:
@24:58 Being that the discussion of DPOS has been a big topic for the past many months. What have the devs decided regarding the changes needing to be made to DPOS?
Answer: We haven’t made any decisions about any changes because we want to make sure that we have the correct proposal and all of the potential pitfalls lined up before we make a presentation to the community because ultimately it’s up to the community to make a decision to adopt the changes.

Question 14:
@ 26:11 Tobias how do you like the project so far?
Answer: I really like it. You are probably asking that because you cannot see what we are doing here. I have been here for 2 months now. I see that Max is creating a really great atmosphere here for developers. He is putting a lot of effort into making us feel good here and feel productive in this space. It’s very disciplined and they put a lot of effort into quality. As a developer I appreciate this approach even though it appears to take longer than the community expects.

Question 15:
@28:07 What do you think about Chinese community taking all the 101 delegates spot in one week?
Answer: The algorithm that the DPOS use is quite interesting to see how it’s unfolding, but people have to realize that the cryptocurrencies in all are an experiment. We are experimenting on how the politics influence on the algorithm we are using. Even though we are decentralized you are seeing these kind of movements such as the Chinese community grouping together and trying to gather quite a bit of voting weight in order to take a lot of these spots. It doesn’t matter to me all if the new delegates are Chinese, American, European or whatever. I’m very neutral when it comes to groups. I agree a group adding just a single delegate and sharing the income is probably going to be the future of the way it works. There is only 101 spots there is a lot of competition for them. There has been one dominant group for quite some time. And the fact that a new group shows up is a healthy thing for the system. It shows that there is interest and interest leads to all of the things that people want, market related, publicity related, all of those things. The disruptive force of an additional group is a positive thing and it needs to be viewed as such.

Question 16:
@34:31 So Lisk is taking a stance against voting and this has allowed other groups to monopolize the main delegates. Will Lisk HQ do something about this?
Answer: We are discussing this topic and creating different strategies and possible solutions, but we have no decision at this time. Yes we will do something about it. We constantly refining all parts of Lisk and the consensus is one part of Lisk. There are many, different strategies we could try. Each one comes with a positive thing and a negative thing. We can’t just change DPOS overnight. We have a live network and there is a lot of money behind it. If we change consensus, people might leave, people might come. We don’t want to risk the network. We want to make a large majority agree this is the right thing to do. We want everyone to operate and collaborate because that gets the most done.

Question 17:
@38:02 What are the ambassadors doing for Lisk? What about Luis? What have they done up until now?
Answer: The ambassadors are very active. We have had several of them introduce Lisk in several meetups. They moderate chats, do digital campaigns to spread awareness, and presentations. Luis was an ambassador at Crypti. He has been in it since the very beginning. I met him Beijing for the first time. He connected me to exchange owners, to big, big investors of Lisk who then connected me to big exchange owners who connected me to big, big companies. He basically made it possible for me to speak at all of those Chinese conferences.

Question 18:
@42:23 Doesn’t having one of your official country ambassadors controlling/managing this elite alliance a conflict of interest?
Answer: I personally don’t see as a conflict of interest because the delegates is up to the country ambassadors themselves. We don’t control them, we don’t pay them. They are acting on their behalf pro Lisk. All of our ambassadors are a part of one group or another. We aren’t going to stop people from forming alliances and friendships with like-minded individuals. We don’t control these people. They are welcome to do what they want.

Question 19:
@44:11 Is Light curve going to be hiring any market makers in the future?
Answer: No, we won’t.

Question 20:
@44:51 Are you deleting the forum?
Answer: When Isabella was in Berlin we made some plans, how we can make it more streamline. We have plans to find a system or solution for delegates to promote their services and contributions. What we have discussed in the past is to change the form. I agree it doesn’t look good to have an inactive forum, but it’s not so super inactive. There are posts from yesterday and today, but we are making active changes and improvements.

Question 21:
@44:21 Should Ambassadors be endorsed as fortune delegates?
Answer: Lisk perse they semi or don’t endorse, they give them a voting right from their funds. This is very minimal to what they do for Lisk in comparance to what the Lisk foundation gives them. This is one of those benefits they get for being an ambassador. It’s probably the only one besides getting some insider info from us for things that are happening. If they are really good I personally endorse them. I say “Hey these guys are really good, endorse them." It’s on a case by case basis.

Question 22:
@47:35 A friend of my nearest cousin has 50k lisk do you think he can be a delegate and contribute to Lisk without participating in Lisk chat.
Answer: Everybody wants to be a delegate, but you have to be able to maintain the server, to help protect your lisk note, you should know how to administrate your note, so it’s not that simple. For someone to be a delegate with only 50k Lisk it would be quite hard at the moment, but not impossible.

Question 23:
@49:04 Do we think the price will become stable in the next month?
Answer: I think that we made it clearer since the very beginning that we are not focused on the price right now, we are just working our asses off on the platform. We are trying our best to make it great. I think this builds up value and once the value is so big, then the price will go up. It has to, it’s inevitable.