Ledger Nano S or Trezor


Hi everydoby,

It’s time to launch the real debate : Trezor or Ledger !?
GDT has announced that VekexAsia and Alepop are hardly working on the Lisk integration :tada:

Questions :

  • Do you have one of those hardware wallet ?
  • Do you plan to buy one ?
  • What are, for you, the main advantages of an hardware wallet ? :dizzy:
  • Do you prefer Trezor ? Or Nano ? Give us the reasons …


I’ve got a Ledger, primarily because it doesn’t look like a toy. I’m sure either are more than capable though.


Yeah, I must admin Trezor looks like a pet toy :smiley:
Ledger supports more coin, does it ?


Im voting for nano s. Right now im waiting for my pre-order :slight_smile:


Yes I believe so. I do like the large screen on the trezor, but I also liked the small form factor of the ledger.


I have ledgers. Both do basically the same? Ledger supports more wallets.

Trezor coin support:

Ledger coin support:


On the market, we need more wallet.
Maybe one with a small form factor and maybe cheaper.

Somehting on a chip, written in Java or something like that.