Head and Shoulders?


I believe in the lisk team, and the project as a whole… however as an amateur trader, turned lisk lover, I can see a fairly clear head and shoulders pattern beginning to emerge. As I understand, these lead to a market reversal and after the recent 8 month bull market this would not be rather good.




imo, if BTC stays above 8000usd then this all is temporary. It is just a lot of profit taking after a long awaited rebranding. Don’t look at the price day to day, but have a look in a month.


Yeah joo5ty has right, just keep calm and hodl :smiley:


Any idea where will go course on days?


On the long term im all bullish, however from a technical chart analysis standpoint, I do not like where the price is going. I don’t believe our little crash is over. But, no one knows where the price is going and technical analysis isn’t a science and I have no intent to sell this year :grinning: