FLOSS Weekly 394: Lisk


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3:58 Max: could you explain what Lisk is and what problem does it solve
4:34 Are you able to put code in the blockchain?
5:42 The Lisk blockchain: a decentralised database
7:20 How does Lisk compare to Bitcoin
9:24 Lisk explained as a HUB with all its services
11:10 Lisk is not about mining
12:35 Delegate marketplace for developers

  • What country does the operator provide nodes
  • What services does the operator provide on nodes (like IPFS, decentralised storage)

13:09 Why Delegated Proof of Stake?
15:35 Lisk is OpenSource with MIT license
21:51 Lisk is different from Ethereum. No smartcontracts, but you can run them on Lisk!

  • You can integrate the Ethereum VM into the Lisk sidechain
  • Let the Lisk delegate node also run the Ethereum blockchain

24:38 Hardforks on sidechains
27:33 LiskHQ is not focused on price but first on the product
31:02 Running a Lisk Dapp: Can it run in the browser or do you need a server Node
32:38 Lot of community code already received to integrate. LiskHQ reviews and decides what code to integrate
36:13 How did LiskHQ come together
39:14 Does LiskHQ have a testsuite
40:21 Is there a Lisk white paper?

41:42 How is LiskHQ going to make money
43:46 What if the money of LiskHQ runs out
45:45 Making money offering a Lisk node/service
47:16 What skills do you need to develop on Lisk
49:36 Lisk interest and potential
52:12 Lisk blockchain services vs applications

  • Decentralised features for dApps like an IDentity service. The creator of the service can promote it
    on the Lisk marketplace and earn Lisk for the usage.

58:17 Enthusiastic about Lisk concept and possibilities