Fees + block time updates


Hi all,

I’m thinking that in crypto space one of the most important moments is transaction fee
If LISK token price == 100 $ then fee per 1 tr == 10$. Haters will use it to promote any other platform with low level fee.
In my view for relaunch event to promote LISK we can change fee from 0.1 to 0.05 or 0.01.

Block time now is 10 sec but EOS going to have less than 1 sec (0.5).
Block time is another important item

Product has to be faster and cheaper for top positions in market


Fee algorithm needs to be done in future with dynamic logic not hardcode 0.1 as it is right now. But as a temporary promo for relaunch + user oriented campaign we can change fee from 0.1 to 0.05 or 0.01


but the fee even with 0.01 (lisk 100 $, fee= 1 $) is way to high!
it depends on the usecase of lisk, but if it should be a currency, low fees are crucial!


It is confimed that the dynamic fees will be a top priority after core 1.0 release. It is also said this implementation should not take long after core 1.0. We have good times ahead of us.


Do you have any info about changes in block time?


I know that Max talked about developers creating a total customizable side chain with their SDK. This would also include all possible varieties on the consensus model like the block time.


Sounds like a perfect plan. Thank you for information