Fake forum votes @ user "rafal"


Look at this junk:

Now look at these votes:

40+ accounts with names like ffg, ffga, aas, Raw, aawe, qqwsa…

Each one joined 2 or 1 hour ago, each one has only done 3 things. Visited the 3 crap graphics and hit like on them. “MOST LIKED: rafal 3” is the only activity on each of those accounts.

Spamming his 3 trash graphic posts with fake spam votes for the last two hours to fake-take the prize. Probably all from the same addy.


This is not true. My friends helped me and it was not banned.


and everyone came up with the same idea when creating a nickname? ^^


I told them what and how.


You spent 5min of time to the competition works. Where users like BLOQspace.io, darkkatarsis, endro or disrupt spent a few or dozen hours on it. You have cracked over 100 clicks on “ads”, “aqww”, “zarr” accounts etc. and you really do not think @joo5ty will notice what you’re doing?


I wrote so clearly that I would like to share with my friends and vote about what is going on?


I lost about $ 10,000 on a fox, I need to get back to something.


You should go. We dont need people like you here…


And what did I do???


Hi people,

The result of the ART contest is still unclear. We are investigating possible fraud as we were counting on individual human votes and not somebody voting multiple times with various accounts. If it is clear this is the case then we are left with 2 choices: redo the voting in another way or identify the fraudulent votes and remove them.

Stay tuned