Elevate - Developer & Contributor - 50% sharing


Hey all,

I am Tobi, a fullstack javascript developer from Austria.
I would love to introduce my delegate called elevate.

I’m involved in Lisk since early 2017 and already did some contributions to make it even better.
Thats why I am also a member of https://lisk.builders





Lisk-Pending - clean and fast pending tool https://pending.lisk.ws (already 60+ daily active users)
Lisk-Pending API - an easy extensible pending API https://github.com/tobiaslins/lisk-pending
Lisk-Bot - a telegram bot for your lisk wallet(s) (get notifcations and more) http://bot.lisk.supply

And some projects which are not released (yet)
Lisk Mobile
Lisk Pool

I’m also supporting people on lisk.chat, reddit, telegram & slack regarding lisk questions.

I would really love to get your support (with a vote)!

My current servers are hosted on Digitalocean and Vultr with backups. I also have a running and forging delegate on the Testnet.

Distribution of forged LSK
50% will be sent to all my voters
10% will be donated to projects I find useful
40% will be used for server costs, long time hold


Contact Details

E-Mail: me[at]tobi.sh
GitHub: https://github.com/tobiaslins
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/tobiaslins/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/linstobias
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tobias-lins-971082109/