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Planning to do my second Lisk Meetup in Q1 - 2018 !
As Lisk grows, the ambition grows, so this time we go big and more professional.
We have a location in the center of Amsterdam in mind and more speakers that are well known to the community.
Up to 350 people with good catering and video/camera setup for live streaming.
I will keep everybody up-to-date via this site and my twitter account:

** UPDATE ** As of march 2018 I will not be pay my voters via private pool sharing anymore but directly via the GDTpool. Other GDT members have also agreed to do this same centralised payment concept to reduce tx fees dramatically. It will save us >1000 transactions per week. It should also show the community that GDT does in fact pay atleast the same amount percentage-wise as others.

** UPDATE ** We launched another great tool at Lisk.Support. Check your rewards via

** UPDATE ** The Lisk Meetup in Rotterdam was great! I am really happy to have organised this Lisk event and met a lot of nice people that are as excited as I am about the Lisk blockchain. … /243782317
We will soon (11/12nov?) release the video that will contain new news for everybody in the community.

** UPDATE ** Booked a flight and hotel to attent the Lisk Meetup on November 22nd in Berlin! … /244139972

** UPDATE ** By staking Lisk and receiving rewards I am able to quit my job and become a fulltime self-employed blockchain entrepreneur. I now also rent an office @ to do even more work for the Lisk community in a professional office environment. It’s a clean and simple, but works great for me :slight_smile:

Thank you Dporsche for mentioning me in your video :!:

Hi guys,
I have been into crypto since august 2016. Like many it took me a while to figure it all out. I have bought all kinds of different coins, I tried trading and keep my FOMO in place, but now ended up just to HODL Lisk ! I really fell in love with the Lisk concept and community. There is so much potential and a positive atmosphere. We are still in early days, but we will already see big things happening in Q4/2017. Next year will be massive and I like to cover all the news out there for you Lisk enthusiasts. My goal is to filter out all the good stuff and summarize it for you, so you will be up to date with the latest in the least amount of time. This cost me a lot of time on daily basis, but im up for it and really excited.

The things I work on for the Lisk community:

Some of my donations
45 LSK - Kafka for helping out organising Meetup event -
130 LSK to Tonyt908 - for programming pending tools
10 LSK to LeonGaban - for contributing articles
30 LSK to E1337 - for contributing articles
364 LSK to JaapJan - for his development on
20 LSK to Leon - for back-end development -
52 LSK to Leon - for back-end development -
140 LSK Rotterdam Meetup event - … /243782317
25 LSK Viyendra - for his allround support / … 5259523934
55 LSK - Makerdam for video editing -
100 LSK -
150 LSK JaapJan - Dpos support development -
320 LSK Airdrop for team development meetup -
25 LSK Jaap - Thank you for success
25 LSK Tony - Thank you for success
25 LSK E1337 - Thank you for success
25 LSK Leongaban - Thank you for success
25 LSK Kafka - Thank you for success
25 LSK Leon - Thank you for success
25 LSK Elum - Thank you for success
25 LSK Gijs - Thank you for success
140 LSK team for building the new upcoming website

Server Specifications
Main node
Intel 4core CPU
400 GB SSD disk space
Unlimited traffic
Backup service

Failover backup node
Intel 4core CPU
400 GB SSD disk space
Unlimited traffic
Backup service

Failover backup management node
Intel 2core CPU
200 GB SSD disk space
Unlimited traffic
Backup service

Owner of the domains:
If you have a good business idea or like to build something for the community and use one of the following domains, send me an email!

Part of:

Interesting Lisk links

Ending Statement
As you might imagine my contribution to the Lisk eco-system is taking up lot of hours. Having your vote will make a world of difference! I can also help you with vote swaps across DPOS platforms.

Thank you guys, Lets make Lisk great together Teamwork is making the dream work :!:

Contact Details

GitHub: Joo5t
Reddit: 3thR
Steemit: steem3thr
Twitter: joo5tylisk