Delegate endro - #194 - A Graphic designer + Full stack developer



Hi there!

My name is Tom, living in Leuven, Belgium. I studied Graphic design in High school and later got a degree in Computer science (Cum Laude) at the University College Leuven Limburg. I am a big believer of online education so i finished the nanodegree program Artificial Intelligence at Udacity. Computer science is a big passion so when i entered the Lisk community in August i immediately started working on community projects like

As the monetary aspects of a forging delegate is nice, i get more value out of my contributions in a community. To back this claim i worked 2 years in my local youth club where i organized events, worked every weekend as bartender and made sure local youth had great and awesome meeting point. Note that all these efforts were as a volunteer. Some related graphic design work:

Server Specifications

The nodes will be located in Europe.

1 node in Frankfurt

vCPU: 1
Memory: 1GiB
Storage: 25GB SSD
with DDOS protection

I am currently at place 101 of the testnet and will keep the testnet stable

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem


  1. Made the project more robust by adding react-redux and created more reusable components.
  2. Implementation of a whole new dynamic page so users can watch information of a delegate in detail.
  3. Redesigned the delegates overview page

2. Lisk tech Community
This project will focus on getting to know the projects on the sidechains and tools that make interactions with the blockchain much more convenient. I am starting out by talking about Lisky. From there on i will create videos of every project that can be talked about.

3. Meetups in Belgium
The closest meetups for Belgium are in the Netherlands or France. This has to be better. 5an1ty and me have hinted on creating a meetup together with a location in Mechelen.

4. Conference workshops
I always liked talking about awesome technology. If i feel certain that my developer skills are fluent enough in developing with the Lisk SDK i will start applying for workshops. The biggest dream is to have a univeristy talk at Devoxx, an even bigger dream is to talk about Lisk at Devoxx.

5. Journels
A decentralised application where nonprofits and companies offer commissions where no full-time employee is needed.