Dangerous stock markets?



Many people would probably be selling off on monday and then the market tanks.


Then the big question becomes…will it effect crypto? I believe it could for a short period of time before it shoots up to insane levels.


So far the Nikkei is down 1.41%

In 3 to 4h the stockmarket in the US opens…interesting times…


I guess it’s gonna be a bloodbath for awhile. Though I’m kinda glad the stock market is starting to go down. It’s been going up far too long and its due for a correction sooner or later


This is not healthy for the stock market :slight_smile:
We can’t have this another 1 or 2 days…


Last year, I saw a strong correlation between the fall of gold and the BTC price surging.
Everytime the BTC fall, the gold surge and vice-versa.

I think if the stock market will crash, people will go into cryptos or gold.



From a crypto perspective it is pretty funny to hear “market crash” or “big market correction” and then to see a -5%


Dow Jones just opened today.
Really wonder what we will see…lower lows or higher highs…