Consider your vote for Alepop


Hi guys,

Alepop is a very active Lisk community developer and likes to become an active delegate. The reason for this is to make his dream come true by being able to quit his job and work fulltime on the development of Lisk.

Alepop has already made various tools for the community and did ~50 github pull requests for LiskHQ.
Here you can see Alepop’s proposal and his current project getting LSK on the Trezor hardware wallet. (so far ~1000 lines of code).

Appreciated by LiskHQ en specifically mentioned during the last Berlin Meetup:

Alepop is currently rank102 and with your support could quickly be a forging delegate rewarding a total of 36.25% back to the commutie.


Already voted for him along time ago, and he still got my vote.:slight_smile:


and likes to become an active delegate” - yes, like the rest of the 2345 standby delegates, too. I guess the bigger part of the voters is sick of low paying delegates, cause the 101 ranks are already dominated by them.

Don´t get me wrong. I´m sure every Lisk holder is glad about active Lisk devs like Alepop. I´m pretty sure that no one would expect only delegates with 80%-100% share rate. But I´m absolutely sure that the majority of voters expect more than 0%-25%. That’s the problem in general imho.

In this case - small Lisk holders only earning peanuts for voting, so why should they replace the #101 (50%) with a lower paying delegate?