- Blockchain Comic Series! (#'s 1-4)



My name is Brandon from, (Lisk Delegate), and i’m VP of Media Relations.

A little about us:
Our goal as a Delegate is to foster the adoption of Lisk through free education, community outreach/unity, and philanthropy/charity. We’re already walking the walk, as the saying goes, and you can check out the progress we’ve made thus far by checking out our Twitter! We truly believe the impact being made by us is unique as of right now to the Blockchain community, but hope that others follow in our footsteps soon enough.

This month, we’re going to have the Grand Opening of our first Brick & Mortar location in San Antonio, Texas! locations will be a:

  • Center for Education where we will have guest speakers from across the Blockchain community come to teach others about different subjects/concepts within.
  • Hub for our community meetups.
  • Cryptocurrency Store, where you can buy currencies like Lisk OTC, and with a Bitcoin ATM.
  • Crypto/Blockchain merchandise outlet.
  • & more as we evolve!

Now, onto the Art!
Again, one of our goals is free education:
That’s why we’ve created our own Comic Strip for the purpose of educating people of all ages about Blockchain, and specifically Lisk whenever suitable! We are already 4 issues deep in our series. I’ll share 3 of those 4 with you right now, and continue to post them here as new Topics/Threads as they release every Friday! You can keep up with the weekly release of the Comic Strip on our Twitter, as well as our strong movement in general.

All our best,


This is a great initiative! Keep up the good work guys! :sunglasses:


Great to read! Keep it up


This is really cool. Keep it up!. I would print it and send as a gift to many of my friends.