Another LSK breakout attempt atm




Can you explain this chart for the dumbs out here like me? =)


From top left to the right you see a constant lower high. This is a down trend.
But then the last green candle breaks through the pattern to the upside making a higher high. This is called a positive breakout.


If the SDK isn’t released before or at the rebranding, how do you think this’ll effect the price? How much retracement are you predicting?


It should be clear for everybody that the SDK will not be released before core1.0 is running.
Core1.0 will probably be released for Testnet in the week of 20 febr. Then you have a test period before it goes live on the mainnet. Then the alpha SDK will get all the focus.


Well put. Thank you for the clarification. This should be on every social media outlet so there isn’t ignorant FUD muddying the project’s hard work and development.