Alepop - #101 Developer and LiskHQ Community member



Hello, Liskers! :wink:

I am alepop, a JavaScript developer and cryptocurrency enthusiast from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
I have over 5 years experience in IT. Currently, I work as a front-end developer with experience in TypeScript/React/Redux.
In the spring of 2017, I found a Lisk project, and I fell in love with it! I was started to resolve issues on the project, and on June 15, 2017, joined LiskHQ Community team.

Server Specifications
Mainnet node

  • 4 x Intel Xeon E5v3
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Disk 250 GB SSD

Testnet node:

  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670v2
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Disk 120 GB SSD

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

I am actively contributing to Lisk project and plan to do a lot more of that in the future.
This is my contributions to LiskHQ projects:βœ“&q=is%3Apr+user%3ALiskHQ+is%3Amerged+author%3Aalepop+

35 issues closed and 49 merged pull requests. And I don’t want to stop on this!

My contributions:

My current projects:

Ending Statement
I will continue to actively contribute to LISK and I will:

  • share 25% of forging rewards as an individual pool
  • 6.25% of forging rewards distribute via GDT Pool
  • donate 5% to LISK projects that apply for a donation.

Contact Details
LSK: 9010579446607279905L
Lisk.Chat: alepop

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