2017-09-06 Interview with Max Kordek CEO of Lisk


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0:25 Introduction of Max Kordek
1:16 Founded the Lisk Foundation
1:48 Max his previous projects before Lisk
3:39 Background of Crypti
5:45 What is Lisk and how does it compare to Ethereum
6:54 Ethereum is a smartcontract. Lisk is an application
7:17 What are the Lisk advantages
8:13 The Lisk concept is more secure then Ethereum
8:33 Decide your own concensus algorithm
8:50 Sidechains are not dependant on the LSK token
9:54 Lisk separate itselfs with sidechain
12:03 Lisk can provide an appstore, security and scalability
14:56 Possible problems and solutions with running dapps in sidechains
21:44 Concept of DPOS
23:13 Delegate marketplace
25:28 First SDK then other tools like the marketplace
26:18 Will there be more then 101 delegates
30:55 Possible dangers of DPOS for DDos attacks
31:51 Possible dangers of DPOS for colluding delegates forming cartels
33:53 How about delegates make there identity known to combat corruption, collusion and bribery
36:00 Rebranding objectives