100 USD in LSK contest - How many lisk.support tshirts


The Lisk Relaunch Aftermovie is released!

The first reply to this topic that tells us the exact number of lisk.support t-shirts you can see in aftermovie earns the LSK. Every frame counts and also small parts of the shirt count. For example you see 2 shirts in the above frame. Good luck! The winner will be announced on sunday.

Only your first reply counts(!)


I saw 7 t shirts in the video :slight_smile:



8 shirtssss ssssssssssss


8 shirts i think…


i saw 7 but like allways im not the first :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw 9 tshirts!! :)))


10 shirts :)lllllllllllllllllllllllll


i see 6 shirtsssssss


Whether or not it’s the number, I’ve counted 9, including very out-of-focus shirts in the background of two takes. :smiley:

(There was a “Lisk” shirt, too, but not “Lisk Support”. :smiley: )

(Oh, yeah - 5270360003306880300L. That’s not the number of shirts! :D)


I think I saw 11




:joy: you are so funny guys :smiley: who will give 12?


Well of course I’m pretty sure I saw 12 :grinning: THANKS!!


T-shirt appeared 7 times, but two people appeared twice with the same shirt.:thinking:
So on the aftermovie we can see 5 lisk.support t-shirts.

1710881534431215180L :wink:


With 5 t/m 12 all taken I 'm betting you guys are all drunk and there are actually 13 appearances :wink:


13 shirts i thinkssssssssssssssssssss


The winner is liskitall.co.uk !

We have send the 100 USD in LSK (5x) to him: https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/16631617556145584162

(We will announce our Lisk Windows tool this week)